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Waringa products proving valuable to farming businesses

As the distributor for the Elmer’s TransferTracks, Elmer’s Haulmaster Chaser Bin and the Agrispread range, Waringa Distribution has seen the land improvement and value that customers are accomplishing after implementing all three products into their farming operations.

The Agrispread AS150 – TX spreader was released into Australia in 2017 and is fitted with the Elmer’s Manufacturing built TransferTracks.  The TransferTracks are a great opportunity for any farming operation as they can be utilised year-round across implements while giving excellent flotation across implements and minimising soil disturbance.

Customers have been getting excellent value from the TransferTracks after using them on the Chaser for Harvest and then swapping them straight onto the Agrispread for the Lime-Spreading season over Summer.  The TransferTracks have then been shifted to Airseeder boxes for Seeding operations and then switched again for use with towed boomsprays.  Most TransferTracks are now back on the Spreader eagerly waiting for rainfall and Urea spreading.

With the release of the Agrispread 36m kit early in 2017, which can be fitted and retrofitted to the full Agrispread range, Waringa Distribution has seen happy customers achieving the 36m width spread with Urea and similar fertilisers with an even and accurate spread pattern.  This has been a major development in allowing the spreader to fit efficiently into the Controlled Traffic Farming environment of 36m.

Elmer’s Manufacturing also build the Haul Master chaser bins with sizes ranging from 25 to 55t. The 25-34t chasers have the option of tyres or the Elmer’s Transfer Track. All Elmer’s chaser bins are on 3m wheel or track centres, have adjustable spouts, 22” unload augers, PTO, lighting package, Roll Tarps, Full length clean out capability, OPTIONAL Wireless load cells, Transfer or fixed Tracks.

The Waringa Distribution team are focused and dedicated to continue to closely work with our manufacturers, dealers and customers to evolve our product lines and to continue to deliver excellent products to the Australian Agricultural market backed up with a solid reputation of product support and service.

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