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Kris Mayerle – Greenleaf Seeds Ltd

“I’ve owned the AgriSpread AS170-T for 3 seasons and it’s proven to be a great asset on the farm and for my businesses.   The capacity and spread width allow me to fertilize and seed far more acres per day, without giving up any accuracy.  By taking our Sulfur and Nitrogen out of the air drill, we’re now covering 450 acres per fill.  We use the AgriSpread to apply a variety or products like Bio-Sul, Humic, Lime and Urea.  We’re finding more value in the spreader all the time”

·        Kris Mayerle – owner – Greenleaf Seeds Ltd.

“We’re covering huge acres in short time, while maintaining accuracy.  It can hold up to 42,000 lbs of product and our rate is typically within 1 pound of target, for each bin load.   I like that we can use almost any tractor on the yard, and that it’s very simple to operate and maintain”

–  Dave Olson – Greenleaf Seeds Ltd.

·        21,000 acre pedigreed seed farm at Tisdale, Saskatchewan

·        Trusted Applicator for BioCyle Solutions




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